Fat Melting Skin Tightening Body Massager

Liposlim is a safe and reliable RF body massager for lymphatic drainage, skin tightening and muscle relaxing.

Model No.: DM-8022

  • Germany Low Frequency Medium Wave Technology
  • Non-invasive Lipolysis and Firming, No Anesthesia, No Discomfort
  • Body 360 Degree Comprehensive Treatment
  • Non-invasive Collagen Regeneration Technology
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What is Body Massager?

It is unique humanized RF body massager, which is made according to from Germany Technology – The world’s leading low-frequency medium-wave technology, to achieve the result of lymphatic drainage, skin tightening and muscle relaxing and relieve.

How Body Massager works?

The target RF is heated by visceral fat cells, which causes the visceral fat cells to decompose and is excreted through the liver to achieve the purpose of managing visceral fat. At the same time, it can also heat the deep collagen of the skin and make it tightly arranged to achieve the effect of tightening.

The unique Focus system detects and adjusts the impedance of the system so that its impedance is highly matched to the body’s fat impedance, maximizing energy absorption. The continuous heating mode causes the fat cells to apoptotic and is excreted through the lymphatic system to achieve internal heating and effectively improve.

Body Massager Treatment

  1. Tightening. Firms skin and enhances skin elasticity
  2. Slimming and shaping. Strong lipolysis, lymphatic drainage
  3. Promote circulation. Promotes the decomposition of fat, metabolism tightens the skin, increases the body’s metabolic rate, and accelerates the discharge of waste and moisture in the body.
  4. Relax your muscles and relieve your muscles.
  5. Body weight loss, rapid elimination of fat; local weight loss, waist and abdomen shaping, hip shape, leg shape.
  6. Effectively improve the skin of the orange skin on the local buttocks and thighs, and at the same time solve the problems of postpartum and abdominal abdomen relaxation after liposuction.

Body Massager Advantage

1、”Low Frequency Medium Wave Technology”;

The world’s leading low-frequency medium-wave technology, the unique 500kHz low- frequency electromagnetic wave, energy output over than 300W, is called the world’s deepest and fastest temperature conduction.

2, non-invasive lipolysis and firming, no anesthesia, no discomfort;

Liposlim penetrates into six layer under the skin, During the whole process, it not only dissolves and metabolizes fat, but also activates the regeneration of subcutaneous collagen to repair collagen cells and achieve firming. Many clinical users worry that surgery or other types of medical aesthetics will have problems of unevenness or partial relaxation, and Liposlim can completely avoid these risks.

3, the body 360 degree comprehensive treatment

Many instruments have operational dead angles, and Liposlim’s effect can reach other parts of the body; including the chest, thighs, waist and abdomen, and the hands, truly 360 degrees without dead angle treatment.

4, non-invasive collagen regeneration technology

The energy penetrates into each layer, so that each layer can realize collagen regeneration and repair, then the skin is firm.

Body Massager Before & After Results



How often should we do the treatment?

Once a week.

Which product should be used while operation?

We suggest to apply massage cream to the experience area.

Is there any consumable?



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Yes, we have 12 months warranty for free and permantent technical support at any time.

All of our machines was approved by the CE, ISO 13485 certification which ensures the quality and safety. Our machines are under strict quality testing before shipping.

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