Single Handpiece OPT Hair Removal Machine

The Machine With Single Handpiece Combined Painless Hair Removal & Skin Rejuvenation,  Prefect Solution for Hair Removal and Skin Enhancement With 3 different Filters 480NM,530NM,640NM.

Model No :DM-9011D

  • Power Increased to 2000 Watts
  • Three Filters: 480NM,530NM,640NM
  • Britain Lamp:at least 200000 shots
  • No pain,No downtime
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Whats Optimal Pulse Technology?

Optimal Pulse Technology more powerful, but remarkably safe and comfortable. With Optimal Pulse Technology (OPT) that eliminates surplus energy, it allows better cooling between pulses. The sensation of pain is greatly reduced and the result is much better.

It’s a stable form where light and cooling system function in perfect unison, creating a brand new experience of OPT  hair removal and skin rejuvenation that’s better by any measure.


Painless hair removal

Skin rejuvenation

Acne therapy

Improved redness

Pigment removal

Shrink pores

Wrinkle removal

Results That Matter  


Features & Advantages

Three Different Filters Meet all type of your need 480NM,530NM,640NM 3

15 Hours Continuous Working Time

Cooling system:Water+Air+Semiconductor Cooling System

In Motion technology,swift operation

Britain Lamp:at least 200000 shots

Max energy 50J/cm2,High Frequency 10Hz

No pain,No downtime

100% Safety and comfortable

How it works?   

  • Optimal Pulse Technology (OPT)  

controls pulse shape by equalizing energy distribution over the entire pulse or sequential pulses. It makes the procedure gentler, more comfortable and patient-friendly.

  • Integrated Contact Cooling (ICC)  

use higher fluences (power levels) delivered at a higher repetition rate (speed) while still maintaining comfort. The result is a ground-break laser hair removal solution that achieve superior results for all skin types.

  • In-motion Delivery Technique 

represents a breakthrough in patient comfort and procedure speed. With 15*50 mm2 spot size and 10 Hz repetition frequency, you’re safely and uniformly applying energy over a large grid. You will significantly improve the results by eliminate skipped spots and ensure full coverage rate.

  • High efficiency heat dissipation 

With 4 cooling fans,using the combined heat dissipation technology with air cooling,water cooling and thermoelectric cooler,the heat dissipation is more efficient,and the operation is more stable Hair Removal process


HR:Hair Removal 640nm
SR:Skin Rejuvenation 530nm. 480nm
Power 2000W
Transmisstion System Sapphire Crystal Light Guide System
Energy Density 1-50J/cm2
Repetition Frequency 1-10Hz
HR Handpiece Spot Size 15*50mm2
Cooling System TEC+Sapphire Contact Cooling+Air
Power of Cooling Module 800W
Continuous Working Time 15+ hours
Volume of water tank 5L
Pump head 15m/s
G.W. 60kg
Meas 60*63*122cm

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What is the OPT Hair Removal process?

A: The OPT process uses Optimal Pulse Technology to gently remove unwanted hair, putting an end to routine shaving and waxing.

OPT treatments leave your skin looking and feeling smooth and silkier. This patented technology transcends the older painful hair removal treatments to deliver long lasting results.

OPT’s wide beam treats larger areas such as the back, shoulders,arms, legs and face rather than treating one hair at a time.

Best of all, OPT treatments are a safe, fast, gentile and effective alternative method for hair removal. Skin Rejuvenation


2. What is OPT Skin Rejuvenation?

A: OPT is a kind of photon therapeutic apparatus,  also called OPT photo rejuvenation. It is widely used for skin rejuvenation,  hair removal and pigmentation removal with the therapeutic mechanism of thermal electric effect. It is a kind of  non-abrasive photodynamic therapy,  making use of insignificant amount of intense pulsed light technology to conduct non-abrasive skin rejuvenation therapy  with low energy and density, to achieve the purpose of rejuvenating and beautifying the skin



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