Digital Skin Analyzer

The skin analyzer is a high-resolution photo of the face using multi-spectral images.

Model No.: DM-A106

  • Skin Detection function
  • Skin Date Analysis
  • Skin Rejuvenation


Model: DM-A106 Category:


The skin analyzer is a high-resolution photo of the face using multi-spectral images. With it’s cloud computing, intelligent face location symptom extraction and analysis technology, and skin big data comparison, it can accurately analyze the six dimensions of skin: sensitivity, epidermis, wrinkles, deep spots, pores, and acne. Formulate the best treatment for skin problems. It can not only detect problems that have been exposed to the skin surface, but also predict the future state of the skin based on the current skin condition.



  • Hardware Advantages 

* LED light source imported from Japan

* 360°cross light source distribution

* Expert light source design of Chinese academy of sciences

* Internationalization standard own factory


  • Software Advantages  

* Related product recommendation

* Customer information management

* Local data backup protects privacy

* UI interaction design

* Close to market demand, fast iteration

* IOS operating system, more stable

Detection function  

5 spectra mode

* sunlight

* cross-polarized light

* parallel-polarized light

* UV light

* Woods light

5-7 years prediction

* Sensitive prediction

* Eptiope prediction

* Wrinkle prediction

*Deep spot prediction

9 kinds of expressions   

* Cross polarization diagram

* Heat map

* UV map

* Black and white map

* Parallel polarization map

* Green area map

* Brown area map

* Red pigment map

* Woods light map

3 analysis tools  

* Comparative analysis of different spectra

* Grid positioning

* Mirror analysis

12 major skin types analysis

* Sensitive

* Surface Pigment

* Wrinkle

* Pores

* Spots

* Acne

* UV spots

* Skin tone

* Skin age

* Acne

* Chemical Residue

* Flatness

Spectra Mode: RGB Light,Cross-Polarized Light,Parallel-Polarized Light,UV Light,Wood’s Light
Input Power: Voltage universal AC100-240V DC19V(24V-3A)50-50HZ
CONNECTING REOUIREMENT System Requirements: IOS System
IPad Requirement: 9.7 inches/10.2inch
IPad Model requirement: A1822/A1893/A2197
Storage Requirement: ≥32G
G.W: 10kgs
Product Size: 400x430x550mm(L*W*H)
Carton Size 540x500x380mm(L*W*H)
NW: NW: 6.2kgs


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