Plasma Skin Care Device

DIMEI’S Plasma Skin care Device with High Purity Helium Plasma, New Non-ablative Non-invasive Skin Regeneration Technology.

Model No.: DM-580

  • Anti-septic
  • Tissue regeneration
  • Skin Resurfacing
  • Destruction of skin defects
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Whats Plasma Skin Care Device?

Plasma skin care device releases plasma energy through stable high-purity nitrogen. It conducts heat through the water in the skin, and the active oxygen in the skin is removed by the plasma to prevent skin oxidation. Use it in heat-damaged areas to inactivate cells and regenerate the body’s own functions. Use it in the heat-modified area to keep cells alive and trigger collagen regeneration.

  1. Energy Accurate,Efficient Transfer
  2. Uniform Heat Transfer Efficiency
  3. Thoroughly Remove Other Gases
  4. Suit for All Skin Type
  5. Unique Design
  6. Non-Ablative, Non-Invasive
Features & Advantages
  1. No Surgery or Injections  -Non-invasive, no cutting, no needle.
  2. A Single Treatment – One quick treatment (30 to 90 minutes depending on the treatment area) can deliver outstanding results for most patients.
  3. Fast and Comfortable -Designed to deliver maximum results in a short, comfortable procedure.
  4. Little to No Downtime -Go right back to life as usual –no need to miss work or fun
  5. Lasting Results -Results improve over time and can last for years.
  6. Multiple Treatment Areas
Results That Matter

How it works?    

The Plasma Skin Care Device with plasma helium gas separates under the action of energy to form a plasma, and the instantaneous release of energy is transmitted to the tissue through the moisture in the skin, and the energy is converted into heat energy, which stimulates a large amount of collagen regeneration, thereby tightening the skin and removing wrinkles. After the sputum ions reach the skin, the stored energy is immediately released to the skin surface, there by generating a uniform tissue thermal effect on the skin.




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