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Israel Sofwave is joined by the world’s three major medical and aesthetic instrument experts: Dr. Simon Akesius, the founder of HIFU in the United States + the founder of Israel’s Syneron Ultra Picosecond + the founder of Israel’s scientific medical man 22 People jointly formed an expert team, authoritatively focused on the research and development of anti-aging black technology – Sofwave

Sofwave (wrinkle removal + FDA dual certification) = Thermage FLX (wrinkle removal FDA certification only) + US HIFU (only FDA enhancement certification)
Ultherapy ultrasonic treatment equipment has been popular all over the world since it appeared more than ten years ago, and it is known as the anti-aging black technology. Sofwave is a new generation of ultrasonic therapy equipment developed to go beyond the HIFU.
Sofwave uses the innovative Synchronous Ultrasound Parallel Beam SUPERB™ (Synchronous Ultrasound Parallel Beam Technology) to treat fine lines and wrinkles on the skin of the face and neck without invasive procedures. It is used to stretch and reshape the face and neck. Next-generation ultrasound technology for the skin. It is a skin tightening and collagen-mimicking therapy with many advantages and improvements over previous devices.
Today, let’s talk about the difference between Sofwave and HIFU, and how Sofwave surpasses HIFU.


Sofwave    HIFU
Release energy/shot 21 Joule 0.18 Joule
Face + Neck 300 Shot 1100 Line
Total release energy 8000 Joule 600 Joule
Energy density 10-12 MHz wavelength more shot and dense 4-10 MHz
Skin layer Dermis SMAS
Focus Synchronous ultrasonic parallel beam technology, stereo radiating 7 cylinders of energy Single-point focus on the fascia layer releases energy
Anti-burn technology Sof-Cool incorporates a feedback-controlled skin cooling system (which detects skin temperature during treatment) The skin surface temperature is not monitored, which can easily lead to skin burns
Pain level Little pain Pain

Over the past two decades or so, doctors and scientists have tried many methods to lift and firm sagging skin and remove wrinkles and fine lines on patients’ faces. Sofwave takes advantage of every previous generation of equipment to make patients safer and more comfortable. Compared with the previous equipment, the Sofwave has many advantages and improves many problems.


  • Improved ultrasonic delivery
  • cause little discomfort
  • No recovery time required
  • No risk of skin discoloration
  • faster treatment time
  • See results faster


Sofwave and HIFU both use laser to deliver heat into the skin, which can stimulate the collagen in the skin, and at the same time make the surrounding skin regain better elasticity, and the skin after surgery will become more flexible. tight.

No.1 Higher energy / larger treatment area / better results

Compared with other skin tightening devices, the Sofwave can generate higher energy in the treatment, and each output high-energy pulse has a wider 3D coagulation effect. This unique energy grid-type emission forms a cylindrical thermal coagulation zone. Perfectly fit and lifted to the skin, the treatment covers a larger area, which leads to a higher percentage of collagen contraction and production, and the lifting and firming effect is more impactful.


No.2 Patented anti-burn technology

Its patented Sof-cool combines a skin cooling system with feedback control (which can detect the temperature of the skin during treatment), which means that this epidermal cooling system can detect the subcutaneous temperature and will not cause burns during the treatment. The temperature of the probe can be balanced according to the skin condition of the patient during the treatment, and the basic structures under the epidermis and dermis, including bones, facial nerves, facial fat and blood vessels, will not be damaged during the treatment. Compared with other equipment in the same industry, the treatment is more comfortable and safer. And completely painless.

 No.3 Larger treatment area, better results

The traditional ultrasonic focused thermal energy can only act on points, but today’s Sofwave can act in bundles (which can be imagined as cylinders), and the thermal stimulation points cover more, so the effect is more obvious and durable.

No.4 More comfortable

During the course of the treatment, you will only feel slight pain. Compared with other treatments of the same type, Sofwave is more comfortable and has a better experience

No.5 Improved Ultrasonic Energy Delivery

SUPERB technology delivers a uniform layer of focused ultrasound energy at an accurate depth of 1.5mm to stimulate vital new collagen. Hardly any energy reaches the layer of skin where the pain-sensing nerves reside. Therefore, it is also more comfortable than older ultrasound devices. Clinical studies have shown that 87% of patients experience satisfactory improvements in skin quality and firmness.

wrinkle removal

Sofwave has accumulated more than 100,000 clinical cases with excellent results, and is known as the all-around king of anti-aging. Clinically proven to rebuild collagen in a 30-40 minute treatment, thereby reducing fine lines and wrinkles and smoothing the skin, with minimal time for desired results. Clinical studies have shown that 87% of patients who received only one treatment experienced significant improvement in their skin within 12 weeks.

Sofwave is for the crowd

It can effectively target the aging problems of patients over 22 years old, but in fact, whether it is suitable to do Sofwave can not be used as a benchmark at all, but is measured by the age of your skin, when your skin begins to enter In the state of early aging, it is very necessary to choose the appropriate anti-aging maintenance work. Sofwave has excellent clinical efficacy and high safety. It can significantly improve wrinkles and firm skin in one treatment. It is anti-aging the best choice.

After Sofwave treatment

Mild results can be seen immediately after treatment, with the best visible results within 12 weeks. During this period, you can obviously feel that the skin is firmer than before. For example, when you apply skin care products, you will obviously feel that the skin and the subcutaneous tissue are very tightly attached, and there is no feeling of separation of the skin and the flesh. Skin texture is also significantly improved, with plumper, firmer and brighter skin.

Sofwave can effectively target the aging problems of people over 22 years old, but in fact, whether it is suitable for Sofwave treatment, it is impossible to use age as a benchmark, but to measure the age of your skin, when your skin starts Entering the state of early aging, it is very necessary to choose a suitable anti-aging maintenance course. Sofwave has excellent clinical efficacy and high safety. It can significantly improve wrinkles and firm the skin in one treatment.

In addition, this black technology owned by Sofwave is not only suitable for all skin types, but can also be performed in patients with fillers, which is impossible for other ultrasonic treatments.


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