How to choose the way of laser freckle removal ?

For freckle removal, photon freckle removal and laser freckle removal are more commonly used. So which way to choose freckle? What is the difference between photon freckle and laser freckle? Today we will talk about it and we will know more about it and hope it can be helpful for you.


Different operating principles

IPL freckle removal

IPL Elight Photon freckle removal is to act on the skin tissue through a specific broad spectrum, and the selective broad spectrum of the pigment acts on the skin tissue to produce light and heat, so that the E-light energy is concentrated on the epidermal color base, so that it is heated and solidified to achieve the effect of freckle removal. At the same time, the effect of light and heat makes the deep collagen fibers and elastic fibers rearrange and restore elasticity. Moreover, the function of blood vessel tissue will be enhanced, and circulation will be improved, facial skin wrinkles will be eliminated or reduced, and pores will be reduced.

Laser freckle removal

The laser device instantly emits a specific wavelength of laser light to act on the spot, and the corresponding color base absorbs light energy and expands and bursts instantaneously after being heated. Part of the color base (epidermis) is discharged from the epidermis after fragmentation, and some (in the tissue below the epidermis) The base fragments into small particles that can be swallowed by macrophages. After being digested by macrophages, they are eventually excreted through the lymphatic circulation. The color base of the diseased tissue will gradually disappear, thereby achieving the effect of freckle removal.


Indication difference

IPL freckle removal

Mainly aimed at skin blemishes and aging caused by aging and ultraviolet radiation, such as removing or reducing epidermal spots, removing facial red blood, smoothing fine wrinkles, shrinking pores, improving rough facial skin, and removing or diminishing acne

Laser freckle removal

Laser mainly solves some pigmented skin problems, such as Ota nevus, Ito nevus, chloasma, pigmentation after inflammation, and washing of pigment after eyebrow tattoos.


Different Advantages

IPL freckle removal

IPL Photon freckle skin rejuvenation has three-in-one effects of freckle removal, redness removal, and hair removal. It can effectively improve facial problems such as telangiectasia and skin aging problems such as pores and fine wrinkles. It is easy and convenient, and has high safety.

Laser freckle removal

It can remove spots, whiten skin and eliminate small wrinkles. Generally, the skin can return to normal within 7 to 10 days without affecting people’s normal life. During the operation, the person being operated will feel like acupuncture, but most people can tolerate it without the use of anesthetics. Because the skin must have a metabolic process of natural absorption, the interval between operations is generally about 1 month.


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Product Recommendation

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  • Skin Rejuvenation


Picosecond laser machine

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