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Why does skin age?

The effect of gravity, daily UV exposure, lack of exercise or excessive obesity, stress, smoking, alcoholism, natural aging of the human body and other factors will cause facial skin aging to varying degrees.

What are the signs of facial skin aging?
Relax. The content of collagen in the dermal reticular layer is reduced, resulting in loose skin.
Sagging. Changes in the position of fat pads, skin supporting ligaments, and SMAS fascial layer system cause drooping of the tail of the eyebrows/canthus, deepening of nasolabial folds, sagging and drooping of the corners of the mouth, and blurred changes in the mandibular contour.
Fat accumulation. Submandibular fat builds up and the lower face widens.
What medical cosmetic methods are currently available for anti-aging?
Chemical peeling
Laser, intense pulsed light,
Radio frequency or other optoelectronic equipment
Injection/line carving
Soft tissue filling materials
Facelift surgery
What are the disadvantages of traditional ultrasonic anti-aging?
Strong pain during treatment.
The treatment temperature is too high, at 60-70 ℃, the doctor’s technical requirements are high, and it is easy to burn the epidermis and damage the facial nerve if you are not careful.
The scope of action of the treatment head is limited, and the fixed-point operation cannot be used for full-face anti-aging.
Violation of laws and regulations, no China Food and Drug Administration certification, high treatment risk.


What are the advantages of the new ultrasonic anti-aging?

  1. Layered anti-aging. The PeninsulaUltrasonic Cannon has two types and three depths of treatment heads, which can achieve precise layering and anti-agingof the SMAS fascia layer, superficial fat layer, and dermis layer.
  2. Safe and comfortable. The original large focal area and sliding scanning technology, the tissue is superimposed and heated to 55-60°C, no coagulation and degeneration points are generated, and no scar adhesion is formed, ensuring safety and a comfortable treatment process.
  3. Significant curative effect. The PeninsulaUltrasonic Cannon is effective immediately, and the effect is better in 3-6 months.
  4. Painless and non-invasive. The treatment process does not damage the epidermis, and there is no pain; and it can be done as soon as possible, and there is no recovery period.
  5. Comprehensive coverage. The original sliding scanning treatment handle can easily complete the treatment needs of delicate parts such as the eyes, lips, nasolabial folds, and neck.
  6. The PeninsulaUltrasonic Cannon has passed the NMPA certification and is the first certified focused ultrasoundinstrument in China, filling the market gap of standardized products in the field of ultrasonic anti-aging in my country.


What is a peninsula?

Peninsula is a type of focused ultrasound that generates enough heat through the focused point to perform targeted treatment after the coagulation point is created in the body tissue (fascia layer, superficial fat layer, dermis layer).

Peninsula adopts the method of micro-spot focusing and large focal area, and uses ultrasonic energy to precisely heat the subcutaneous SMAS fascia layer, superficial fat layer, and dermis layer. The heat can tighten the fascia, shrink aging collagen, and stimulate collagen proliferation and Restructures, tightens the skin quickly, and solves problems such as sagging, sagging, and wrinkles caused by skin aging.


What handles does Peninsula have?

Peninsula has 2 types of handles with 3 types of deep treatment heads.

Classic ultrasonic handle: There are currently two depths of 4.5mm and 3.0mm. The operation continues the linear output method of the classic ultrasonic knife. In terms of energy output, the ultra-pulse technology is applied, which has significantly improved the comfort and the speed of energy output.

Peninsula handle: There are three depths of 4.5mm, 3.0mm, and 2.0mm. It adopts large focal area technology. The method of sliding and accumulative heating makes up for the restricted area during fixed-point operation, bringing new breakthroughs in comfort and depth.


2.0mm reaches the dermis layer, stimulates the continuous regeneration of collagen, and dilutes deep wrinkles.

3.0mm directly to the superficial subcutaneous fat layer, firming the skin and selectively reducing fat cells, improving the contour curve.

4.5mm directly reaches the SMAS fascia layer, lifting the bottom of the muscle to achieve the effect of firming and lifting.


What are the indications for peninsula?

Loose, sagging, and wrinkled skin on the face and neck. Such as: toot meat, double chin, drooping eye tail, drooping mouth corner, nasolabial pattern, puppet pattern, crow’s feet pattern, forehead pattern, neck pattern, etc.



What should I pay attention to after surgery?

  1. Postoperative care

Moisturizing: Pay attention to moisturizing and hydrating the skin after surgery. It is recommended to use moisturizing spray, moisturizing mask, etc.

Skin care: In the first week after the operation, the skin care products used should be non-irritating, and make-up is not recommended.

Sun protection: You should pay attention to sun protection after surgery.


  1. Matters needing attention

Immediately after treatment, papules or excessive erythema may appear. According to the state of the skin reaction, ice compresses or cooling masks can be applied, which will subside quickly.

It is normal to experience tenderness or soreness at the treatment site, and it will subside within 3 days.

Pregnancy, severe heart disease, diabetes, damaged skin surface, allergic period and other people should not operate.


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