What is Fitzpatrick Skin Type Scale?

The Fitzpatrick Skin Type Scale is used to determine a person’s skin type based on genetic factors and sun exposure habits. By answering 10 of the three types of questions, the total skin type score can be calculated. This score can be used to judge a person’s six skin types. Answering each question requires self-assessment, so honest answers are necessary for obtaining accurate scores.

Past experience with tanning contributes to the Fitzpatrick skin type scale. The first category of the Fitzpatrick skin type test involves genetic factors that affect the skin’s response to sun exposure. Questions involve eye color, natural hair color, skin tone in areas that are not normally exposed to the sun, and the presence or absence of freckles. For example, blue eyes, red hair, and many freckles are scored zero, while black hair, dark brown skin, and no freckles are scored 4 points. The combination of the two will get 1 to 3 points.

There are several genetic factors that affect how sensitive a person’s skin is to sunlight. As the test continues, the second category will ask about past experience in the sun. Questions include whether the skin will turn brown, how long does it take to turn brown, what happens when exposed to the sun for a long time, and how the face is exposed to the sun. How did it respond. Turns red, never tans, or feels sensitive in the sun, the score is zero, while the score that turns brown within a few hours and never burns is 4.

A person’s sun exposure is part of determining a person; the third category is two questions about tanning, asking about the time the skin has been exposed to the sun recently and whether the body parts are intentionally exposed. A score of zero corresponds to Sun exposure three months ago, and four months related to sun exposure in the past two weeks.

The Fitzpatrick skin type test checks for genetic factors that may affect the skin’s response to sun exposure. After completing the Fitzpatrick skin type scale questions, the numerical answers to each question should be added.

0 to 7 is equal to type I skin. 8 to 16 are divided into type II skin, when 17 to 25 are type III skin, the higher the total number of 25 to 30, type IV skin will be produced, and any number exceeding 30 corresponds to type V and VI skin type I The skin is very sensitive, always burning skin will never turn brown, while type II is very sensitive, often burning skin, rarely tans. Gradually tanned, occasionally burned skin is type III, and type IV is skin that rarely burns and always turns brown. Type V is dark skin that does not respond badly to the sun, while type VI skin is a dark skin that has never been burned.

The Fitzpatrick Skin Type Scale is mainly used in dermatology, but individuals can use it to learn how to better protect themselves from UV rays. Knowledge of skin type can help determine a person’s likelihood of developing skin cancer, as well as The most appropriate skin disease treatment for many different skin problems including psoriasis.

The Fitzpatrick skin type test asks questions about hair color, eye color, and freckles.


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