Why Derma Shine Needle injector so popular

Needle injection is one of the most popular facial anti-aging items on the market, and people who love beauty are eager for it. Some people have soft and smooth skin after the treatment , and some people feel dry after the treatment and allergic to acne? And now in the market the derma shine needle injector device is becoming popular in the market. Why many people like to do this derma shine needle injection treatment ? We would like to introduce something about this derma shine and you will know more about it . There is no doubt that needle injection is one of the best way to be keep the skin smooth and more beauty.

Derma shine needle injection instrument, which is using negative pressure technology, can accurately replenish skin nutrients at a depth of 1.28mm in the dermis. Before the microneedles enter the skin, use the negative pressure meter to lift the skin, and then multiple needles and then accurately enter the skin. To the deep dermis. The injection dose and injection frequency can be adjusted on the LED display. In addition, the pressure of the syringe is released before the needle comes out, so there is no loss of nutrients. The newly cold hammer hand tool can quickly and effectively calm facial allergic skin. It can eliminate redness, swelling, edema, itching, and eye bags in five minutes. It is a solution to many skin discomforts caused by allergies. A beauty tool to completely restore the skin’s health and naturalness.

Derma Shine Device Features:

  1. Deeply moisturize and supplement the nutrients needed by the skin;
  2. Activate the skin, promote the regeneration of collagen and elastic fibers, enhance skin elasticity and luster, and prevent skin aging;
  3. Hidden pores, delicate skin texture;
  4. Facial rejuvenation, whitening skin, firming and lifting;
  5. Improve the face: eye-corner wrinkles, crow’s feet wrinkles, forehead wrinkles, neck wrinkles;
  6. Skin reconstruction: acne marks, stretch marks, depressions.

Principle of Derma shine needle injectiont: using negative pressure technology, combined with unique 9 or 13 pin needles, can accurately replenish skin nutrients under the skin, and remove the hyaluronic acid rich in water molecules, oxygen molecules, minerals, and trace elements required by the skin. Nutrition and physiotherapeutic drugs are transformed into nano-micromolecules, which can be injected into the skin cells directly to the grassroots without perception. In addition, it can release nutrients to the skin layer by layer, and has multiple effects such as hydrating, whitening, improving wrinkles and damaged skin.

Water light hand tools gun advantage: The negative pressure is used to absorb and lift the skin to make the skin firm and avoid fluid leakage, and the pain is lighter. The absorption rate of the solution is as high as 98.3%.


Cold compress hand tools: Postoperative repair and calming are completed, reducing postoperative irritation and redness, shortening the recovery time, optimizing the treatment effect, deep supplementing nutrients, and increasing the drug penetration ability by 80%-90%.

Precautions for repair after derma shine needle injection:

✪: Do a good job of moisturizing skin care, because hyaluronic acid has a very good ability to absorb and lock water, and some people may experience dryness and sensitivity, so it is necessary to replenish moisture in time. During this period, use the medical mask to avoid water within 24 hours after surgery. Rub the relief area vigorously, do not perform other relief, avoid sauna and strenuous exercise within 5 days, and abstain from alcohol and food for a week.

✪: You must pay attention to daily UV protection after the operation, which will not only tan but also cause photoaging. After remission, you must pay more attention to skin moisturizing, sun protection and repair, which can better promote skin repair and effect continuation after remission.


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